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ÜberCool T-Shirt $15.00
ÜberCool T-Shirt

ÜberCool T-shirts are quality shirts that make you look uber cool. The shirt is available as a standard T-shirt and as a Fitted Female shirt. The female shirts tend to run small, so please take that into account when choosing sizes.
Just $15!  

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ÜberCool LIVE CD $10.00
ÜberCool LIVE CD

ÜberCool's live CD contains twelve songs that were recorded at three different event performances. It's great music!
Just $10

FREE ÜberCool Bumper Sticker! $0.00
FREE ÜberCool Bumper Sticker!

If you buy a CD or Shirt, you're welcome to a FREE ÜberCool bumper sticker! ÜberCool's stickers look great on bumpers, computers, doors, windows, road signs, bar restrooms, and any other place you want to stick them! The stickers are free. You can also get them at all ÜberCool's performances without buying anything.

Christmas CD $10.00
Christmas CD

ÜberCool has made fresh versions of Christmas songs. Buy now, only $10!


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